User Guide

How to use the manuscript viewer

The manuscript viewer enables you to view a digitized image of each folio in the Franciscan antiphoner (left side) with the corresponding incipit text (right side). Zoom in and out as well as a full-screen mode is also available. As you scroll through the images, corresponding incipit texts will appear in the right side of the viewer.

Manuscript viewer

When you click on one of the incipit texts, it will display corresponding data for each incipit (when available), including Feast, Office, Genre, and Mode. It will also include the musical incipit displayed using Volpiano font. For additional definitions and descriptions, visit the "Description of Fields and Their Contents" page in CANTUS.

Incipit view

Several performances from the manuscript are included in the manuscript viewer, as well as on the "Performances" page of this site. These are identified by a play button (see below):


To search the manuscript, click on the "Search" tab where you will be able to search using full-text or drop-down menus. If you are uncertain what the search term means, click on the "?" icon to view definitions:

Help Icon

Search Tip

You can do the following searches:

  • Full Text - type in the text that might be found in the incipits or data associated with the manuscript. This is limited to the incipits and data that have been transcribed and encoded for this project.

  • Full-text search

  • Drop-down menu - select from Genre, Feast, Office, or Mode.

  • Drop-down search

  • Volpiano - type lower-case ASCII letters to represent the pitches of a melody.

  • Volpiano search